Websites: Supporting a popular health education portal


This highly popular web portal provides a wealth of practical self-care healthcare advice for everyone.

The site gives well-researched medical advice in a step-by-step manner on more than 50 different minor illnesses or health problems. The site has been favourably mentioned by the following web sites: BBC Health, Channel 4, The Times and Reuters . It is a recommended site on a number of the major worldwide web search engines including Yahoo and MSN.

Paul Buckley was responsible for the complete editorial content of the site as well as the day-to-day content management of the portal.

A key feature of the web site is a web shop where site visitors can purchase a variety of 'What should I do?' booklets using their credit cards via an e-commerce section of the web site. The site also regularly features on-line health surveys to monitor the health awareness of the web visitors.

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