Websites: Hydraulics and components

This web site, developed for the Dunlop Hiflex group of companies, is focused on a knowledge-based system that helps web visitors to select all the elements they need to create a hose assembly and then places the individual hose items and their related fittings into a shopping basket before passing through the checkout facility that enables you to order or request quote for the assemblies.

The whole web site features more than 650 different web pages and also features a products database comprising more than 10,000 specification details and images that the web visitor can interrogate.

Copywriting and proof -reading skills were applied to create the sites core infromation pages such as: About Us, News, Spares Support and introductory technical overviews of the product ranges. Identifying items for the products database and matching images to their descriptions was also a vital task.

The beauty of the web site is that if a web visitor is looking for a specific hose they can not only identiify this quickly and easily but the knowledge-based program will advise them of the most relevant fittings or accessories for that type of hose. In this way the web visitors can do a one-stop shop for their hose assembly requirements while also benefitting Dunlop Hiflex because they make more profitable sales by supplying complete hose assembly systems compared with individual hose or fitting purchases.

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