Websites: Creating a global source for semiconductor fabricators

Engineering Employers Federation (EEF)

The Engineering Connections web portal designed and programmed by Dryden Brown for the Engineering Empoyers Federation (EEF), has been successfully bringing together UK employers and potential apprentices with each other, for several years. The advanced programming behind the site allows the EEF, employers and candidates to freely update information, opportunities, and CVs respectively.

Both employers and candidates can search the database by geographical area and make contact via email forms at the click of a mouse. Every website must be constantly re-developed to keep content fresh and relevant and Dryden Brown has now completed an extensive makeover resulting in a new look with a graphics design style to attract the youthful apprentices.

Following user research, useful additions were introduced including automated facilities for apprentices to identify themselves to prospective employers. Enhancements included more information about the EEF Technology Centre, improved Links and FAQ pages, information for applicants outside the employer's local area, even outside the UK, and a sample aptitude test for applicants.

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