Websites: Adding the finishing touch for building and construction supplier

Sto is a world leader in speciality interior coatings and exterior cladding systems for international building and construction industries. The company supplies all manner of buildings including shopping and leisure complexes, office blocks, showrooms, housing developments, government buildings and education establishments. The multinational's UK group requested help to revise and update its UK web site content in line with its existing Brand guidelines while Sto finalised its plans to overhaul the design of the whole web site.

The project posed a twin programming and editing challenge. The orginal programming of the Sto UK web site was carried out by the organisation's web team based at its HQ in Germany. Much of the site's code was written in German so it was crucial to learn how the original programming team had approached the coding of the site. The programming modifications had to be implemented in German and it was also necessary to match the editorial style of the site when adding new sections of content.

The product section of Sto's UK web site needed a series of major updates to reflect the company's growing product portfolio. This called for a large overhaul of the product section's javascript navigation framework together with large additions of text and images throughout the product section. Being a design-conscious organisation, Sto required that all the new upgrades be made in keeping with the company's clear brand guidelines.

The Sto UK web site is hosted on the organisation's server based in Germany. As a consequence Beta site testing was essential. The new sections of the web site were run on a mirror version of the site. This approach greatly speeded up the de-bugging process and enabled us team to quickly spot and rectify any navigation problems prior to sending all the HTML and image files to Sto's German IT department for them to load the revised section on to the Sto server.

Although the update project took several months to complete from start to finish the final stages required working against the clock to enable the new content to be live on the web site prior to one of Sto UK's major exhibition appearances.

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