Sales Support

Sales Support Portfolio: Stressing the safety benefits of fibres


Saffil is a ceramic fibre with immense thermal insulation properties that can be used to protect equipment from very high temperatures. The insulation tiles that prevent the Space Shuttle from burning up on re-entry are made from Saffil.

A series of case study sheets were written and produced that illustrated how Saffil's thermal protection could be put to good use. One of the application sheets explained how Saffil was used to protect drivers and passengers from explosive burns when an car's airbag is triggered. The application sheet also featured an explanation of the major safety benefits of Saffil compared with other ceramic fibres.

Other case study sheets described how Saffil could provide spectacular energy saving perfomance benefits for furnace operators in the iron and steel industry.

Saffil's sales manager used the phone for briefings and only minor modifications were needed to the first draft before the text was approved.

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