Sales Support

Sales Support Portfolio: Presenting credentials to semiconductor multinationals

Alliance Sales (Europe)

Alliance Sales (Europe) is a member of the European Business Team, EBT, a consortium of companies that specialise in representing semiconductor production and test equipment companies across Europe.

The member companies of EBT regularly have to present their consortium's credentials and those of the products they represent and support. The EBT's customers are a who's who of multinational semiconductor device and electronic component manufacturers including Infineon, Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, Philips and Atmel.

Two separate PowerPoint slide presentations were written and produced. The first slideshow featured 20 slides that highlighted the key facts and figures of the companies making up the EBT consortium. The second presentation pinpointed the key features and benefits of the equipment that EBT was currently representing.

The presentations were also regularly updated to ensure that the information they contained was never out of date.

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