Newsletter Portfolio: Generate more than a thousand enquiries per issue


Product newsletters can be a good source of sales enquiries. Leading European test and computer equipment rental company, Livingston, proved this with its Rental Review newsletter.

Although a company newsletter it was viewed as being more like a magazine and the job was to commission the stories, edit the text and ensure the design and images used would attract and interest the target readership.

Well chosen words can always help persuade people to enquire for more details but with Rental Review we recognised that a key ingredient was also the photography that accompanied the stories. Most of the products were the usual relatively dull looking boxes with screens on them but by adding colourful and interesting looking application backdrops we managed to lift the quality of the whole publication.

Adding some exciting competitions into the mix also raised the game still further. By careful monitoring of the enquiries we improved the content of the newsletters quarter by quarter.

The result? We took a newsletter that at the start of the year generated a respectable 700 enquiries to a higher level by surpassing more than 1,200 sales leads with the last newsletter of the year. Each edition beating the performance of its immediate predecessor.

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