Newsletter Portfolio: Explaining regulatory change to global customers


How do the handle an international change in environmental regulations that have far reaching effects across industry as a whole? That was the business and marketing challange to ICI's KLEA refrigerants division several years ago. The global phase out of CFC refrigerants and the need to replace them with alternative products was also a huge business opportunity for a refrigerant manufacturer such as ICI.

Although the multinational was a significant refrigerant supplier in the UK the organisation's market share in Europe was dwarfed by the US giant, Du Pont. The environmental switch away from CFC refrigerants gave ICI the chance to greatly improve its European sales of refrigerant.

The marketing strategy was to invest in a major mixed-media promotional campaign that used a newsletter which stressed the application benefits of the new HCFC refrigerants as well as a major educational programme explaining the practical issues of how HCFC technology could be implemented.

A n eight-page quarterly newsletter was compiled that featured a mixture of in-depth focus articles on key technical aspects mixed with case study application stories from different European markets to show how refrigeration engineers were tackling the practical issues involved with switching from CFC to HCFC refrigerants. The newsletter articles were also reworked to create press releases.

Within 18 months of the marketing programme being implemented ICI had made a ten-fold increase in European refrigerant market share.

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