Direct Mail

Direct Mail: Helping management 'Wake up to quality"


Direct mail played an integral part of ICI's Quality Improvement Programme, QIP, that was aimed at all the company's staff. Working on the publicity campaign that played a major part of the programme, our brief was to enthuse the ICI employees attending the QIP training courses and prevent them from treating the whole exercise as something they had to simply attend and then forget about.

Avoiding the use of posters and boring newsletters we opted to generate interest by producing a promotional campaign emphasising all aspects of quality in the real world. A key target group were the 200 senior and middle management and administration staff who were all people high media awareness and sophisticated tastes. Producing the traditional limp, simplistic newsletter just would not cut the mustard with this group of individuals.

The marketing campaign concentrated on ensuring the target group receiving regular exposure to the key messages and make the audience aware that ICI takes quality education very seriously indeed. Recognising that many managers can suffer from 'training fatigue' we set out to ensure that the QIP delegates would view the course as something unusual, different and fun.

To achieve these aims an ICI Quality logo was created that featured on all documentation involved in the programme. The logo was prominent on a direct mailing package that was sent to the homes of the QIP delegates on the morning of the first day of the course. The small box featured the Quality logo with the phrases 'Wake up to Quality' and 'Quality tomorrow starts today'. Inside the box was breakfast cereal. The immediate result was that the delegates were discussing the mailer before the course even started and they were already 'switched on' to the fact that the course was going to be different and they needed to pay attention.

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