Copywriting Portfolio: Promoting entrepreneurs on a regional basis

Solent Synergy

Solent Synergy is an organisation, funded by a mixture of businesses, universities and regional authorities, to inspire would-be entrepreneurs in the burgeoning knowledge-based industries by providing them with a portfolio of information and resources with which to build new businesses as well as create new jobs and wealth across the South Hampshire region.

Solent Synergy’s objective is to create a thriving entrepreneurial culture, stimulating continuous business growth and innovation. South Hampshire already has a strong knowledge base to support new businesses across a wide range of commercial and industrial activities. Hampshire has world-class research facilities, at universities, R&D organisations and private businesses across the region.

In Hampshire there are more than 8,500 businesses contributing billions of pounds to the local economy. Up to 600 of these organisations are major corporate companies with international links and markets.

In employment terms the major cities in our region represent the largest commercial centres outside London. So there is already a huge pool of skilled people to call on.

Having edited the Solent Synergy launch news release it was distributed at the University of Portsmouth's Festival of Innovation event. The Solent Synergy web site has become a focal point of the project's marketing strategy and the content management and PHP programming of the site soon became an additional task.

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