Copywriting Portfolio: Promoting a Quality Awareness programme for ICI


For global chemical giants such as ICI quality is a major issue. So much so that the multinational's Chemicals & Polymers business operation in Cheshire realised that the company needed to stress the importance of quality to all of its 30,000 plus workforce.

Although involved in a number of Quality Awareness initiatives the most ambitious was to produce a glossy, high quality consumer lifestyle magazine for its 200-strong senior management team. Called Quality Review, the tabloid-sized publication featured a number of lifestyle articles on the theme of 'Quality Successes' in different aspects of life.

Researching and writing all the articles the content included a varied array of local and international topics such as:

All the stories illustrated how valuing quality was good for business and that the whole concept was not just a 9 to 5 subject but a true 24 hour challenge.

The content of Quality Review was aimed not just at the managers themselves but also at their families and was written to attract and interest a wide range of people. The magazine was the lynchpin in a multimedia quality awareness programme that also featured an innovative direct mail campaign to the homes of its staff.

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