Books: Explaining the Fundamentals of SMD assembly

Assembleon - A Philips company

Assembléon, a member of the Philips group of companies, develops and supplies high volume surface mount component placement systems for the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry. The company is a major innovator in its sector and has invested heavily in R&D to stay ahead of its highly competitive rivals.

To underline this level of R&D investment, Assembléon sought production of a book reporting extensive independent research on the relationship between the basic concept of a placement machine and its performance and efficiency on the shopfloor. RTFB Publishing, published the book and Paul Buckley helped proof-read and edit the book. His previous experience as editor of Electronics Manufacture & Test magazine came in handy for just this kind of project.

The book featured more than 230 pages of highly technical text and more than 200 photographs, drawings and tables.

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