Advertising Portfolio: Putting across a weighty concept to your audience


ICI Chlor-Chemicals is a major manufacturer of chlorakali chemicals and also a company that supplies other manufacturers with vital production equipment such as membrane electrolysers.

To ensure that all these choralkali producers became aware of ICI's state-of-the-art electrolyser technology an insert advertisement was written and produced for placement in European Chemical News.

The insert's blade featured a teaser question about the capacity that membrane electrolyser technology could produce. A few pages further in the magazine the main portion of the insert showed a graphic featuring a huge weight with the tonnage etched on it. The message was clear, concise and eyecatching.

The two-tier advertisement had a significant impact on its target audience which was recorded by an independent research company. The results of a reading and noting study for that issue of ECN indicated that the ICI advertisement was remembered by 25 percent of readers. This was 19 percentage points better than the next best recorded advertisement.

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